Active Learning vs. Passive Learning

The concepts of active versus passive learning as well deep versus surface learning have sparked a serious debate in my head. Although Bloom’s taxonomy, and Dale’s Learning Pyramid hold some truth when it comes to the average student’s learning patterns, I initially felt that this generalization disregards the individual’s characteristics and drives us away from…

Vegetarian: To be or not to be

The question of meat eating is one that I intentionally avoid. It is a gray zone that is infused with shame and accusation dodging. But with all the vegetarian movements, and the ethical debates, one question has resonated in my mind: when did we start to kill animals for food?

Starting with my WHY.

What gets us up in the morning? What do we define as success? What if we’ve got it all wrong?

We SUCK at deciding.

Its fascinating how we make very obvious mistakes sometimes without digging deeper and analyzing why our thought patterns worked that way. Let’s dive deeper and try to understand why.

The Pursuit of Ignorance

Apparently “Research is the pursuit of higher quality ignorance”. Check out my thoughts on this notion.